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“I’m proud to be a member of a healthcare system that values excellence and collaboration.”

Dignity Health is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization of more than 40 hospitals and clinics across California, Arizona and Nevada. As a physician, I’m proud to be a member of a healthcare system that values excellence and collaboration, and is committed to delivering humankindness on a daily basis. I’d like to extend an invitation to you to join us in our mission.

Robert L. Wiebe, M.D.
EVP/Chief Medical Officer

Why Dignity Health?

Listen to what some of our colleagues have to say.

Learn how Dignity Health supports a strong collegial environment to benefit both providers and patients.

Dignity Health is dedicated to ensuring its providers can provide the best possible care to their patients. Listen to learn more.

Dignity Health offers its providers different career paths to ensure they find the right professional fit. Listen to learn more.

Learn more about how Dignity Health is planning for its future and helping build physician leaders.

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Employment Models

Choose your path.

We offer two models for physicians and advanced practitioners interested in a career with Dignity Health.


Through our vast network of hospitals, clinics and associated entities, Dignity Health offers numerous forms of direct employment for physicians and advanced practitioners. Just as state laws vary, so do the direct employment opportunities that exist within our facilities and associated entities. Direct employment typically offers a guaranteed contracted salary, in addition to incentives associated with productivity, quality, and patient satisfaction. By choosing this path, physicians have the ability to focus on practicing medicine rather than running a business.

Employment agreements typically include a competitive guaranteed salary during the start-up period (approximately the first 1-2 years) followed by the ability to earn income based upon a productivity model. Annual bonuses based on patient satisfaction and quality measures are common. The benefits of employment through Dignity Health and our affiliates include:

  • Being part of a large integrated health care delivery system
  • Opportunities throughout Dignity Health in urban, suburban, and rural settings
  • Leadership and other career opportunities in some locations
  • Clinical and admin support
  • Association with the Dignity Health brand


We offer opportunities for physicians to join community-based practices affiliated with Dignity Health. In many cases, providers would join an existing single-specialty or multi-specialty medical group (solo options are occasionally available). Physicians in an independent group tend to enjoy both the practice of medicine and the business side of health care. Some considerations for independent practice opportunities include:

  • Exposure to and ability to impact all aspects of business operations associated with your practice
  • Flexibility to adjust work/life balance to meet your personal and professional needs, since you’re the one running the practice
  • Choice of joining an established practice or developing a new independent practice
Employment Models
A note from Joe Jasser

Dignity Health Medical Foundation delivers a dynamic business strategy that is not cookie-cutter, but rather tailored for success based on local community needs. A patient and physician-centric model coupled with a large, financially well-positioned organization provides us a platform for success in the new legislated healthcare environment. Our goal is to embrace the changes in healthcare and not only position Dignity Health Medical Foundation as a leader in ambulatory care, but create a culture that allows physicians to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Joe Jasser, M.D.
President & CEO, Dignity Health Medical Foundation

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A vast network of facilities.

Dignity Health has a large of array of hospitals, care centers and healthcare facilities spanning 17 states, with a special focus on California, Arizona and Nevada. Dignity Health envisions having even more locations in the future. We have a network of care centers that offer a range of medical resources, including urgent care, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, home care, hospice, and laboratory services. Not everyone lives near a major hospital, so Dignity Health is making healthcare more accessible by bringing the right resources closer to our patients.

Our facilities are located in some of the nation’s most diverse and fastest growing regions. Whether you seek an urban setting or a rural one, a community facility or a nationally recognized center of excellence, you can find the location that is a perfect fit for your career and your life.

To see our care center and hospital locations, please select the region of your choice.

Dignity Health is expanding its humankindness in Arizona to meet the needs of the state’s growing communities. We have a medical group and three hospitals in these cities:

  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Phoenix

As Central California’s leading provider of humankindness, Dignity Health Medical Foundation has care centers in Bakersfield, Merced, and Stockton. Additionally, Dignity Health has hospitals in Bakersfield and all along the Central Coast:

  • Arroyo Grande
  • Bakersfield
  • Merced
  • San Andreas
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Maria
  • Stockton

In the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Dignity Health and Dignity Health Medical Foundation serve these communities:

  • Belmont
  • Redwood City
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz

Dignity Health and Dignity Health Medical Foundation deliver humankindness to numerous communities across Northern California:

  • Grass Valley
  • Greater Sacramento Area
  • Mt. Shasta
  • Red Bluff
  • Redding
  • Woodland

Dignity Health is privileged to serve many diverse Southern California communities with humankindness. We have care centers and hospitals in these locations:

  • Glendale
  • Inland Empire - San Bernardino County
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Northridge
  • Ventura County – Camarillo and Oxnard

Dignity Health is Nevada’s partner in humankindness with three hospitals in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, as well as a care center:

  • Henderson
  • Las Vegas
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Humankindness makes us whole.

At Dignity Health, our humankindness is extended to every member of the team. We take a holistic approach to letting our people know that they truly matter. We chose the name Dignity Health because the value of dignity is woven into the fabric of our culture. Our mission, vision and values were all formed out of the recognition of the inherent dignity of each person. It also represents our commitment to delivering excellent medical care to all, to advocating on behalf of the poor, and to partnering with others to improve the quality of life.

We offer a supportive, collegial environment, with a staff that’s passionate about bringing the very best practices to patient care. We are an organization committed to facility infrastructure, the latest technology, and effective communication. Most of all, you will discover the spirit, idealism, and family-friendly environment that comes with a mission driven, not-for-profit healthcare organization.

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