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Making strong choices every day

They say “you are what you eat,” but you’re actually the result of many things. The exercise and rest you get. What you drink and what you breathe. Even your genes and the company you keep. It all contributes to your physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

You may also be managing the health of your family-a big and potentially rewarding responsibility. Read on and discover ways for living a good life together. Enjoy the best “you” you all can be.

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Endometriosis Symptoms: When Is Period Pain More Than It Seems?

Krista L. Viar / JANUARY 19, 2017

Periods are no picnic. From aches and pains to mood swings and bloating, the experience is uncomfortable, to say the least. Some women have it worse than others, with pain and bleeding so far beyond the norm that it grinds their daily lives to a halt.

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