Welcome Home - A refreshing look at your health

At Dignity Health, we believe compassionate care has the power to heal. That's why we made a home for patients that feels different. My Home - Dignity Health allows you to manage all your health needs with a human touch. Through teamwork and innovation, faith and compassion, advocacy and action, we endeavor every day to keep you happy, healthy, and whole.

My Care - Dignity Health

Introducing My Care - Dignity Health. It's where you'll find everything from doctor visits to lab results to personalized health tips and tools. Proactively manage appointments, securely message your health care team, and transmit your personal health information to your providers. To sign in, click the button below where you'll first need to select your hospital or clinic.

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Billing Help and FAQ

Quality patient care and dedication to patient satisfaction are our highest priorities. If you need help understanding your bill, we're here to support you with information on your bill's format and access to a business office near you.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act can be confusing. What do you need to know to sign up for coverage? Allow us to help.

Our Vision

If you do not have health insurance, there are government or private programs that may help you pay for health care. Our financial counseling staff can help identify where to direct your inquiries.

Glossary of Terms

We understand that the language of billing may not always be intuitive. We're here to help define all the terms involved in the health care payment process.